This site features the historical 1913 Canadian Northern Railroad Roundhouse which is being preserved, restored & repurposed by a non-profit society of volunteers. We are passionate about preserving the memories of the railroad days & when most of this area was settled due to the railroad. As it “broke” through Western Canada, the railroad required maintenance & servicing & the people to do the work, and additional people to look after the CN people & residents.

We would like to create a center where people can come for special events, the “Great Hall” of locomotive bays 1-5 separated from the other 5 bays by the concrete firewall, without taking business away from other venues in the area. This area would consist of about 9,500 ft2. The 2 bay auction ring area where the last occupant sold livestock until approximately 1993. This area is being viewed as a high end theatre of all kinds with the theatre-type seat bracing already in place. The remaining 3 bays may be used for railroad displays/interactive area.

The 1920 addition of 5 bays on the east side of the original bays, was demolished due to safety reasons in 2012 & we would like to rebuild this section in the future to return it to the 15 bay roundhouse it was when CN closed the roundhouse in 1961. The 3,700 ft2 Boiler room/machine shop may be used for an interpretive center/main entrance area with a coffee bar area & a visiting area for visitors & volunteers, with old photos to take the place of equipment until equipment is located.

We are aware this project will take time to restore/rebuild/repurpose, & it will take money. However, this is probably the last CNoR roundhouse in Canada with a roundhouse as well as a turntable. Especially since the 1909 Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad Roundhouse in Biggar, Saskatchewan was just demolished in March 2015, the last Grand Trunk roundhouse in North America.

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I worked as a hostlers’ helper, light-up man and general labourer in that old roundhouse in the early ’50’s. It was all steam then and a wonderful era to be part of. I began my firing/engineman (engineer) days in Hanna, firing and hostling. We had a great team and it was a thrill as a young fireman/hostler to take those magnificent locomotives onto that turntable and balance them perfectly in the middle. I look forward to the Reunion!
    Clif Chapman

  2. I am a train enthusiast who visited the roundhouse in 2014. At that time I got into contact with someone there inquiring as to the structural status of the building, and asking a few other train related questions. Unfortunately I have misplaced the email conversation so I have no idea as to whom I was talking with. Since that time, I have commenced working at RKH Architecture. It was encouraging that you were able to get the building designated this year. It would be a shame to see the building fall into disrepair and have to be demolished. One of the main focuses of RKH Architecture is preservation and conservation. If there is any assistance we can offer you, please let me know.

    Michael Ridout
    Architectural Technologist

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Preservation, restoration, repurposing the 1913 Canadian Northern Railway Roundhouse by the non-profit Hanna Roundhouse Society