1913 Canadian Northern Railroad Roundhouse locomotive doors looking down the length of the 86' 6" turntable platform.

Our Mission

The Hanna Roundhouse Society is a non-profit society registered in January 2010. Located in Hanna, Alberta, our group of volunteers is passionate about saving the railroad history of Hanna & surrounding area which, in turn with other national events, allowed for greater development of Western Canada.

Our goal is the preservation, restoration & repurposing of as much as is permitted under the guidance of the Alberta Heritage, Culture & Tourism. The society’s main focus is preventing this influential aspect of history from disappearing. Based around the original 1913 10 bay section of the roundhouse & the boiler room/machine shop, we would like to bring people into the building to experience something not offered in the area, working around the historical beams & eventually enjoying the natural light of the restored windows & doors.

Utilization of the building, for a variety of purposes under the protection/management of the Hanna Roundhouse Society, will allow funds to be raised for further operating and restoration expenses incurred. In the near future, we hope to have the 1920 section re-built in accordance with the architectural style, of both the interior and exterior, replicating its original style. This process would also involve the replacement of beams utilizing the structure for an additional purpose.

We are in the process of trying to get our turntable restored & operating as well.

Our Mission Statement is: To create a functional space for providing culture, education, economic opportunities and railroad history through the restoration and development of the Hanna Roundhouse. (Unanimous vote by Hanna Roundhouse Society board & directors, March 14, 2011. )

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Preservation, restoration, repurposing the 1913 Canadian Northern Railway Roundhouse by the non-profit Hanna Roundhouse Society