2015 CN Retiree Railroader Reunion Events

The Hanna Roundhouse Society volunteers spent many hours in preparation for our CN Retiree Railroader Reunion, held in August of 2015. Preparations involved:
-the construction of a stage, for the multiple presentations and speeches, equipped with railroad crossing lights on either side, wired for sound and light.
-pressure washing the entire 5 bay section, graciously donated by Tuff Energy & Steaming, of Hanna, Alberta.
-setting up a system of lighting, powered by a generator donated, for the event, by Special Areas.
-setting up tables and chairs in bays 2 & 3, to accommodate guests during the event.
-creating displays of our larger railroad items, as well as the display of donated/lent photos
-hanging of lights in Great Hall
-installing of Exit signs and appropriate lighting in entrance area
-preparing registration packages, which included a choice of silver or black railroad spikes with decorative tags.

Registration began on the Friday afternoon with a BBQ, donated by Hanna IGA and Manager, Don Boos, who generously donated his time, allowing our society to mingle with guests, while some were still able to assist with the BBQ.

Saturday morning involved pancakes, ham, and eggs and went over very well. Following breakfast, the roundhouse remained open to the public, for guests to spend time looking through our displays, reminiscing around the property, and visiting. The Fall Fair at the Hanna Museum was held this day as well, of which many guests were able to attend both events. A small scale train was also available to transport people around town, to other events taking place.


Saturday evening involved speeches from Deputy Mayor Richard Preston, Special Areas Acting Chairman Jordon Christianson, Provincial MLA Rick Strongman, MLA Kim Schreiber for Culture & Tourism Minister David Eggen, and Federal MP Kevin Sorenson. Mr. Sorenson unveiled a memorial plaque for the six railroaders who perished in an accident near the Hanna Train Station in 1948. Following these presentations, the 180 people, registered for the supper, enjoyed a great meal, catered by Trina Herndon. The remainder of the night allowed many to dance to and enjoy local musicians, as well as visit and reminisce further. A few guests in attendance took the stage to share some personal stories and memories for the crowd.

Railroad and distinguished guests from CN Reunion
Railroad and distinguished guests from CN Reunion

Sunday began with a breakfast, open to the public, and an Interdenominational Church Service provided by multiple local churches. There were approximately 200 people in attendance for the service!

This event was held in recognition of the CN retirees, as well as in celebration of our Provincial Historical Resource Designation. Ms. Schreiber presented us with a smaller decorative plaque, to signify our recent designation.

This event was largely successful, as many in attendance enjoyed wandering the site, sharing memories of the past, and some were even able to rekindle old friendships, as well as making new ones. Many individuals also suggested holding another similar event sometime in the future.

As the weekend came to an end, our volunteers were exhausted, however it was evident that the weekend was thoroughly enjoyed!

We would like to thank all in attendance, our volunteers, as well as the generous donations from the community for aiding in this success!

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